Hock Kee Coffee Sachets ȴ
Hock Kee Coffee Sachets ȴ

15 Sachets x 10g (Premium Packing)
Best Gift for Coffee Lovers 

White coffee has become a staple drink for Malaysians. It comes from beans roasted at a significantly lower temperature. White coffee is generally made from high quality coffee beans. The quality of coffee bean is extremely important and affect the overall taste of coffee after its brewed. With blending of Liberica, Robusta & Arabica beans, roasted to perfection for the unique aromatic [Hock Kee coffee].

 And it is totally free from any impurities such as grain and corn starch derivatives, resulted in a neutral better-tasting. Unlike high temperature roasting coffee, light roasted white coffee are free from bitter taste and charcoal flavour. It is less acidic and retained the natural earthy flavors with smoother taste.

 Hock Kee coffee, taste it with your heart.

Published : 27-Jan-2021

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